“Business Start-Up Training Program for Returnees, IDPs and Vulnerable Host Communities in Nangarhar - Afghanistan”

Who We Are

AWARD is an Afghan National NGO, operating in the fields of Humanitarian , Re-integration , Education, Human Rights ,Agriculture and Health since 2002

Afghan Women Association for Rehabilitation & Development (AWARD) engaged in rural and hard reaching areas at 34 provinces of Afghanistan, we are managing our operations through our main office in Kabul and 4 regional offices at Nangrahar, Paktia, , Balkh, Kunduz and 6 site offices at Maidan Wardak, Kunar, Bamyan , Baghlan , Khost working with people in need of humanitarian & lifesaving support, reintegration of returnees and IDPs based on OCHA humanitarian principles of Humanity, Neutrality ,Impartiality and Independence , We are working with the communities enabling them to work for their sustainable improvement of their lives standards through their capacities. Afghan Women Association for Rehabilitation & Development (AWARD) has proven its capabilities and experience of an effective implementation of humanitarian, rehabilitative and development programs across the country and is proud of about 20 years of effective and responsive service provision to its war-torn country. AWARD Involved in sustainable development initiatives and implementation of tens of productive projects across Afghanistan This local grass-root not for profit organization has equipped with very committed, hardworking, innovative team of professional where youth and women are playing key role in decision making process. This professional group of young women and men with their expertise acquired from working with national and international communities have come together to work for the betterment of vulnerable life translating a sense of humanity ,responsibility , accountability and transparency in their daily work in the field of human rights, rule of law, gender equality and civic education, peace building, democratization, elimination of violence against women and child labor and using their potential for building a bright future instead, came to their important priorities.

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What We Do

Our Vision

Vision:  AWARD vision is to see a society where women and men enjoy equal access to justice, humanitarian facilities, education, health facilities and democratic values are fully respected at all sectors of life without discrimination. 

Our Mission

Mission: AWARD was established to improve Women, Children, PwDs, IDPs and Returnees and Marginalized societies living conditions, health, education and socio- economic status and their participation in political decisions making and peace process. Our values are based on social justice, accountability, transparency and respect to all segments of society without prejudicing. 

Latest News

FSA Cluster membership with FAO obtianed in Jan,2022


Membership at FSAC obtained in January 2022. AWARD on June 14,2021 sent its letter of Interest coupled with the required documents for a membership at Food Security and Agriculture Cluster (FSAC) at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation - Afghanistan (FAO), after the process of administrative work at FAO , AWARD was offered the membership at FSAC at the 1st week of Jan, 2022 [...]

Partnership MoU Signed


AWARD is Twin with SCI for the year 2022 . AWARD and - SCI Signed an MoU under ACBAR Twining Program. This twining program will pave the way to both the Afghan Women Association for Rehabilitation & Development (AWARD) and Save the Children International in Afghanistan to share their field experience at the sectors of humanitarian and education, also SCI will work with AWARD as an advisor under overall supervision of ACBAR in the field of policies strengthening, effective program delivery and operational capacity improvement The MoU is valid for one year as of January 2022. [...]

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