AWARD has contributed to various sectors in Afghanistan, including health, Agriculture and horticulture, Education, Access to Justice, Reintegration and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and it education which reduce the spread of preventable waterborne diseases in our backward community with old sanitation and open water wells, the followings are AWARD's WASH projects that have been completed.

AWARD aim is to deliver water, sanitation and hygiene promotion assistance to affected populations through construction of water supply schemes, sanitation (latrine, bathroom, water points etc.) and distribution of hygiene kits. In WASH sector, AWARD is comparatively more concentrate on the hardware, construction and rehabilitation, it is because of the fact that one third of the afghan population don’t have access to environmental clean sanitation and infrastructure. It is highly believed that if sanitation is available it is used normally by all people especially women and elders. In hygiene services, AWARD conducts KAP surveys, deliver capacity building trainings, distribute hygiene education materials, construct irrigation systems and promote CLTS concepts in the people for improved health hygiene in Afghanistan. In reference to WASH sector, AWARD has implemented the following projects which show the work direction and engagement of AWARD in WASH.