Project Name: Initiative for sustainable development and reintegration of vulnerable people (IDPs, and Returnees) in their communities in Afghanistan.


Duration: October 15, 2021 - January 14, 2022 

Short Description of Project: This project is funded by BMZ/PME, through which AWARD is Supporting Returnees from Germany, Other EU Countries, Pakistan, Iran, IDPs & Vulnerable host communities at the province of Nangarhar & Kabul. This Project consist of Four main components and Sub - Activities:                      


Main Components 

 Sub - Activities                                           

Component One: - On the spot Approach to Returnees/Deportees at the Airports  in Afghanistan

1.  Welcome Package Distribution

2. Profiling of Returnees                           

3. Briefing on Existing Facilities for Re - Integration

4. Temporary Accommodation  

Component Two: -  Employment Creation:

1. Technical Education Vocational Trainings (TEVT) 

2. Basic Accounting Trainings 

3. Resource Center for Opportunities

4. Small Enterprise Development

5. Market Linkage 

Component Three:  House Allowance Support

1 - House Equipment’s/ Furniture

2 - House Repairing/ Shelter Building

3 - House Rent

4 - Temporary Accommodation

Component Four: Cash for Work (CfW):  

01. The main aim behind this activity to provide immediate income generation source for those who are in immediate need. 


Project Name: Pine Nuts Reforestration Managment and Awarness Raising on Enveromental Protection in Paktiya 


Duration: March 01, 2021 - February 2023

Short Description: This project is implementing with the financial support of UNDP/UNOPS in Pakita Province for the reforestation, protection and cultivation of pine nuts forests. This will contribute to climate safeguarding, landscape mitigation as well as source for income generation to the target local population. The activities of this project includes:


Main Components 

Sub - Activities 

Component No - 01: Coordination, Advocacy & Awarness Raising

1 – Coordination with relevant Stakeholders

2 – Forests Protection Advocacy Committees Establishment

3 -  Awareness raising

Component No - 02:   Cultivation and Reforestation

1 – Nursery farm establishment consist of 30,000 plants  

2 – Distribution of plants to local population (Focus on Women Lead Households)


Project Name:    Strengthening Women Participation in Local Government Through Capacity building in North – East Region of Afghanistan.

Donor:           Canada – Embassy Kabul – Afghanistan

Duration:     08 Months  

Short Description: This project is funded by Canada – Embassy Kabul – Afghanistan and implemented by AWARD. To improve women social visibility, economic strengthen, awareness raising, Women Employment creation through Internship program and enterprises developmet program.


Main Components 

Sub - Activities

Component No: 01- Women Economic Empowerment:

  1. Business Start – Up Training
  2. Business Establishment
  3. Internship Program
  4. Technical Education Vocational Trainings (TEVT)
  5. Exhibition

Component No: 02 - Legal Outreach & Capacity building:

  1. Advocacy Committees establishment
  2. Legal Issues Trainings and Women Participation in Decision Making process
  3. Radio Roundtable discussion
  4. Short TV Dramas on GBV
  5. Social Media Campaign