AWARD provides a comprehensive returns and reintegration programme for returnees who are relocating back to Afghanistan from Germany, EU Countries, Iran and Pakistan. The provision of assistance to individuals, families or vulnerable groups, such as unaccompanied minors, when they return to Afghanistan is essential to ensure a happy and sustainable quality of life.

AWARD Reintegration Program divided on below Phases:

1. Immediate Assistance: We provide immediate and emergency support to returnees when they arrive to Afghanistan, ensuring that they are most importantly safe but also that they experience a positive experience to their return. The program under the immediate assistance covered below activities: 

A. Arrival Assistance: On arrival at the airport, we are available to welcome returnees, Provide them reception/Welcome Packages consist of  (Mobile Phone, SIM, Credit, Pathway guide, contact details of AWARD staff) and Profile them and provide assist in any way that we can. Please look out for the AWARD Airport desk or representative in the arrivals hall at Hamid Karzai International Airport - Kabul, Afghanistan. 

B. Onward Travel: We have relationships with all the major travel providers and are able to help returnees arrange travel to their final destination. Furhermore, those returnees/deportees traveling to AWARD gust house are traveling through AWARD transportation facilities at Airport.

C.Temporary Accomodation:  AWARD gust house is available for returnees those require stay prior to onward travel or if they have no alternative accommodation. 


2. Reintegration Assistance: We provide reintegration assistance to voluntary and non-voluntary (Deportees) returnees. Our counsellors support individuals, families and special cases such as unaccompanied minors to become self-sufficient within their communities significantly increasing the likelihood of a sustainable return.

A. Enterprise Development Training & Business Start-Up: We help individuals realise their potential by funding and supporting them to develop and execute their business start-up.

B. Technical Education Vocational Trainings (TEVT):

I. Mobile Hardware & Software Reparing

II. Solar System Reparing/Instillation

III. Designing & Dress Making

IV. Tailoring

V. Plmbing

C. Market Linkage:

D. Basic Accounting Training

E. Cash for Work (CfW)

F. House Allowance: 

I. House Rent 

II. House Equipments/Furniture:

III. House Reparing/Shelter Building