AWARD Administrative Structure is Categorized as follows:

General Assembly: The General Assembly consist of all staff members, members of board of directors, executive management and is empowered to make recommendations Policies (both internal and external) , Procedures, Terms of References (ToRs)  . It has also initiated actions –economic, humanitarian, social and legal to facilitate support of AWARD’s common goal and specific objectives. As of its charter statements, the general assembly normally meets once a year and is held sequential to a Board Meeting.

Board of Directors: At AWARD the BD is governing body of the organization which consist of 5 well qualified individuals, they are establishing and supporting the institutions vision and mission, evaluating overall performance with in the organization, supporting senior management in networking, advising, and any other capacity as needed and reviewing and creating policies and budgetary issues.

Executive Management: Like most of NGOs AWARD is experiencing Enactive management mechanism chaired by Executive Director for follow up of its day to day activities i.e utilizing resources, activities oversee, support extension to its field staff, ensuring coordination between financial and program activities.

Essential and Projects Staff :We have two category of staff consist of organization’s essential staff those includes, policy staff, Admin & HR, Finance & Accounting and Logistic staff and project staff, the essential staff is always available for long term visibility and activation of the organization while, the project staff is hired based on project requirement while the project completed, the staff is automatically dismissed.